“It is more difficult to give away money intelligently than earn it in the first place” -Andrew Carnegie

Making a Will is the only guaranteed way that you can ensure that your estate passes to who you want.

It is vital to have a Will if you are unmarried, have children, have a business, are concerned about inheritance tax or care home fees, have been married before or cohabit.

Even if your affairs seem complex making a Will doesn’t have to be. We are here to guide and assist you through the process and our expertise can tailor a Will to your specific circumstances.

Although you can get a DIY kit to make your Will the benefit of expert advice can be invaluable.

What is my estate?

Your estate is everything that you own whether jointly with another person or in your sole name. This can include a house, cash, investments, shares, your car and your personal items like jewellery, watches and antiques. Your estate can also include your digital estate such as your i-tunes purchases or PayPal account.

What should I include in my Will?

There are certain important aspects to your Will which include:​

  • your Executors and Trustees
  • who you want to receive your estate; and
  • more importantly how they should receive your estate

There are also other provisions we can include such as your funeral wishes, any specific or cash legacies, nomination of guardians for your children and provisions for your business.


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